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Good Energy

“There’s nothing ‘alternative’ anymore about clean energy and green design. As this book makes beautifully clear, the future is here” — Bill McKibben


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Smart design can make solar, wind, and geothermal energy beautiful, affordable, and accessible to all. Thirty-five projects from around the world demonstrate that clean, healthy energy is within reach in every sector and field -- from townhouses and residential communities to parks, schools, offices, and even power plants. Harmonizing nature, technology, and space, each project in Good Energy shows how design can improve planetary well-being while producing cost savings and creating green jobs.

A visual and informative guide to renewal energy: Good Energy includes over 200 colors photographs showing each project in stunning detail, accompanied by fascinating and informative essays. The book includes a foreword by artist and landscape designer Walter Hood, founder of Hood Design Studio, and an interview with Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford University professor of civil and environmental engineering and a cofounder of the Solutions Project.

Buch: Good Energy: Renewable Power and the Design of Everyday Life

Autor: Jared Green

Verlag: Princeton Architectural Press

Jahr: 2021

ISBN: 978-1616899097

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